In 1911 the Breslauer Kunstschule (Breslau Art School) became the Breslauer Kunstakademie (Breslau Academy of Arts). There Camaro studied painting under Otto Mueller from 1920-25. From 1925 up until the School's closure in 1932, Hans Scharoun was the Director of the Academy.

"This short period of consistent development leads to cosmopolitanism, which, however, still retains the seed of its Silesian origin. It is filled with rationality and irrationality, with actions and opinions.... In the Breslau Academy of Arts one regarded every case within its context, showing sensitivity to the person. Tasks were solved on a case by case basis and the Academy was eager to highlight temporal connections, given the crucial comparisons with their historical development. The ultimate goal was to encourage the artist to shape his own life using his findings."

Hans Scharoun, in: Poelzig, Endell, Moll und die Breslauer Kunstakademie 1911-1932