Tribute to Iris Barbura

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An exhibition and performance project of the Alexander und Renata Camaro Stiftung, Berlin in collaboration with the National Center of Dance Bucharest (CNDB) and the German Dance Archives Cologne

Dance performance
Friday, 28.4.2017, 7:30 pm, Camaro Haus, Berlin

The inaugural performance bears witness to personal memories. The dancer and former Barbura student, Beth Soll (NY, USA) will dedicate her solo lecture-performance Iris to her teacher; the following group choreography combines influences of modern European dance with Romanian folklore: this tribute opens the Iris Barbura retrospective.
(Lecture performance in English language)

Opening of exhibition
Saturday, 29.4.2017, 11 am, Camaro Haus, Berlin

Iris Barbura lived and worked internationally: Bucharest, Berlin und Ithaca (USA) are milestones in her dancing career. Trained in Bucharest, Barbura continued her studies in the centres of 'German expressionist dance' during the 1930's, a period in which virtuosos such as Harald Kreutzberg and the group of artists surrounding Mary Wigman and Gret Palucca shaped her style.

Iris Barbura reached the summit of her career in post-war Berlin: she, the epitome of glamour, delighted her audiences with elegant, energetic and playful dances. She associated with Alexander Camaro's surrealistic cabaret Die Badewanne to create experimental choreographies based on key works of modern classics, such as Picasso's variations of the Femme assise. Barbura relocated to the USA in the early 1950's where she became a dance teacher. Her artistic personality has been a lasting influence on her students.

Some 80 exhibits from private and public collections, including paintings, drawings, photographs, letters, costumes and masks, bring Barbura's elegant, energetic and glamorous dance to life – a fascinating chapter of Romanian-German dance history of the 1920's to 1950's has for the first time been artistically appraised.

An accompanying bilingual brochure (DE, RO) has been published by the National Center of Dance Bucharest (CNDB) and the German Dance Archives Cologne.

The exhibition and its inaugural performance are in collaboration with the National Center of Dance Bucharest (CNDB) and the German Dance Archives Cologne.

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Iris Barbura, 1946, Foto: unbekannt, Sammlung Reinhard und Marianne Lippeck/Hermann Vinke
Alexander Camaro, Rangvestibül, Hölzernes Theater, 1946, Camaro Stiftung © Camaro Stiftung/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017
Iris Barbura in Christrose, 1949, Foto: Johannes Lederer, Berlinische Galerie – Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Architektur und Fotografie
Tribute to Iris Barbura von Beth Soll, Bukarest 2016 © Foto: CNDB, Alina Usurelu